SX475J User Manual

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SX475J user manual

Thank you for choosing the SX475J. To ensure safety and proper usage, please review the
included diagrams and read this manual carefully.

Specification & features:
. YiHi SX475J processor.
. It is for single 18650 battery mods which maximum can reach to 75 watts.
. Joystick control
. Size: L58 X W18X H11mm
. Variable Joule support all TC wire,SS/Ti/Ni…
. Support all Atomizers with SX Pure technology.
.New innovative technology SXi-Q control system - Customize your own taste, logo & menu name.
. Temperature control. Anti-dry burning technology.
. Output Joule:5J-75J. 212-572° F/100-300°C.
. Resistance: 0.05-1ohms (Joule mode).
. Output Voltage: 1.0 - 9.5 Volts.
. Resistance: 0.1 ohm - 3.0 ohm(Power mode).
. Taste modes:Powerful+, Powerful, Standard,Soft,Eco,SXQ-S1~S5
. Buck-Boost DC-DC Converter.
. Micro USB charging on board for battery (1A).
. Reverse Polarity, output short, low resistance, low battery voltage, overheat & battery over charge protection.

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