MM Mech Squonk Parallel 18650

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This mod is not for anyone who does not understand why it's dangerous to let people with insufficient battery knowlegde. Putting the batteries in the wrong way or using batteries with damaged battery wraps will end badly. DO make this mod for anybody except yourself.
We do not accept responsibility for damages resulting is using this mod.
Please act safely and responsibly. If in doubt, don't use this mod or files.

We have designed and uploaded the files to make your own 3D printed parallel 18650 mech squonker.
You can download the zip file here:
These files are supplied under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Public License.

What you will need:
MM510 Squonker Connector:
MM510 Large Positive Nut:
MM510 22mm Washer:

Choose A Connection Kit:
Beryllium Copper:
SIlver Plated Beryllium Copper:

Choose A Button:
Mechanical Squonker Actuator:
MM Button on Shapeways:

6mm x 2mm Magnets:
OR 6mm x 1.5mm Magnets:
Epoxy for Magnets:
510 Tightening Kit:

Choose a bottle:

MM Dinky Silicone Squonker Bottle Kit (Light):
MM Dinky Silicone Squonker Bottle Kit (Dark):
MM Squonker Bottle Kit (LPDE):

3D Printing Services

Files on Shapeways:

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